Welcome to Our New Cohort!

As the first week of the semester approaches, the EGSA would like to take a moment to welcome the newest members of the doctoral program to our community!

Julianne (Gigi) Adams
Interests: eighteenth-century literature, film and media studies, feminist theory

Wesley Boyko
Interests: 16th and 17th century literature, literary theory

Tori Hoover
Interests: American modernism, feminist theory

Huntley Hughes
Interests: literary theory, cultural studies, postcolonial theory

Joshua Roling
Interests: modern American and Latin American literatures, gender studies

Katelyn Sheehan
Interests: 19th century American literature, gender studies, feminist theory

Kya Vetack
Interests: 19th century American literature, African American literature

Welcome Fall 2018 Cohort! We are excited you are joining us!