As you seek ways to expand your CV and develop professionally, check out some of the following conferences. These conferences are ones that have been frequented and recommended by your peers.

You can also find example abstracts from your peers, and Dr. Mark Schoenfield’s helpful tips about how to prepare for conferences.

African American Literature

  • College Language Association Annual Convention
  • Monmouth University Biennial Conference on Race
  • Professor Spillers’ biennial Issues in Critical Investigation Conference

American Literature

  • ALA (American Literature Association)
  • American Comparative Literature Association
  • C19 (The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists)
  • Annual Meeting of the American Studies Association)
  • ACLA (American Comparative Literature Association)

Caribbean Literature

  • International Conference of Caribbean Women’s Writing
  • Caribbean Studies Association 36th Annual Conference

Contemporary Literature

  • ASAP (Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present)
  • Marxist Reading Group Conference
  • Post45 Graduate Conference

Early Modern

  • Shakespeare Association of America
  • Renaissance Society of America

Eighteenth Century/ Romanticism

  • ASECS (American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies)
  • SEASECS (Southeastern Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies)
  • NASSR (North American Society for the Study of Romanticism)
  • SCSECS (South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies)

Hemispheric Studies

  • ALARA (Afro-Latin American Research Association)


  • The Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture since 1900
  • MSA (Modernist Studies Association’s conference)
  • International James Joyce Symposium  (even-numbered years; has good student funding)
  • North American James Joyce Conference (odd-numbered years)


  • HASTAC Conference
  • Computers and Writing Conference

Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction

  • ICFA (International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts Annual Conference)
  • SFRA (Science Fiction Research Association Conference)


  • NAVSA (North American Victorian Studies Association)
  • INCS (Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies)
  • BAVS (British Association for Victorian Studies)
  • BWWA (British Women Writers Association)
  • NCSA (Nineteenth Century Studies Association)

Multiple Fields

  • Society for Textual Scholarship
  • RMMLA (Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association)
  • NEMLA (Northeastern Modern Language Association)
  • MMLA (Midwest Modern Language Association)
  • SAMLA (South Atlantic Modern Language Association)

Small Regional Graduate Student Conferences

  • Alabama Regional Graduate Conference, University of Northern Alabama (Gives a “best of conference” award that many Vandy PhD’s have won)
  • UAH Graduate Student Conference (past keynotes have included Cary Wolfe and Priscilla Wald)